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Fine Art  •  Jewelry

Wingela Fine Art is a gallery dedicated to promoting contemporary art by emerging and established artists in Asia. We aim to bring together art lovers, collectors and artists to exchange ideas about art and culture, to enjoy the joy brought by art. More importantly we help art collectors find the suitable art piece for their satisfaction.

WINGELA is a registered trademark of Etin Limited and is registered in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, US and EU.



Chan Chok Ki – Founder

Chan Chok Ki is a contemporary artist with in-depth experience in business and academic fields. Prior to founding this gallery, he was a former Professor at City University of Hong Kong and was the chairman and CEO of a listed company. He set up the gallery to help promoting emerging artists to the art market. By spotting new talents and introducing their art, Wingela Fine Art aims to attract both experienced and new art collectors, build connections among them and to enrich the fascinating art market.


Lilian Chan – Curator

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